Wednesday, June 12, 2019

How to Manage Anxiety Level In The Time of Social Media

This is the era of social media and there are many teens who have started using it on a very early age. We know there are lots of advantages of these social media sites where teens can make friends and increase their social circle. They also can show their talent to the world by using Instagram, Facebook, and many other applications.

As most of the teens these days have mobile phones, they are addicted to notifications which is popped every second. The teens have this anxiety that they are always eager to know who is liking the post and who is messaging, etc. Surprisingly, they create their own dreamy world in such social sites.

Anyways, we all face social media addiction and are clueless about it. Here, is the solution to manage anxiety level, especially when you are in your teens.

Use Timer For Each App

There are apps where you can set the time limit for the usage. You simply have to use this option and devote only 15 minutes in each app. When your limit of usage increases, the message will pop up that you have used this app for more than the desired time. Every teen must follow this so that they are also able to concentrate on doing other activities like playing sports or adopting new skills.

Distract Yourself From Social Media

It is not easy to live without a phone but when you have more interesting things to do, you will forget the phone and get some space from social media sites. You can join salsa classes or help your mom in the cooking activity. Moreover, you can also go out with your friends in a long drive.

Do Not Share Many Photos or Posts

It is a deep sea, the more you post, more likes, more comments and you start posting more often. Everybody loves the appreciation they get from social media and the teens get crazy by this attention as they are not used to it. Post less photos and spend more time with family, as your family members need more of your time then online friends.

Have Confidence in Yourself

We have lots of insecurities in life pertaining to body image, color, money and the list gets bigger. Keep one thing in mind that you are best then everyone and no one can be you. You can also deal with any situation in life and do not get affected by anyone’s opinion or judgment. The more you will feel comfortable, you will not need social media sites to say that “you are beautiful or talented”

The Final Notification

There are many teenagers who are depressed due to trolling or bad comments in social media sites. There is also cyber bullying which is increasing day-by-day so be aware and teenagers must talk about this with their parents. If you are losing self-control and mobile is consuming most of your attention then it is high time that you visit a therapist. Anxiety Therapist Toronto would be your best option when you really want help to fight against anxiety.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Discovering More In The Awkward Silences During The Therapy

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People usually find it difficult to make half-second eye contact with an unknown person. Then imagine a situation where you are approaching a completely new person and have to share your life details? The awkwardness and the anxiety would be at their peak levels.

The ummed and the ahhes would be quite often when you do not know what you are supposed to talk and from where do you want to start?

We all have been there and it’s a common problem while approaching a therapist. It may sound a new problem with us but therapist are used to face such issues. During such situations, a client usually sees the clock and the therapist is trying hard to keep the conversation engaging. This discomfort zone or the silence in therapy usually needs to be mitigated and the therapist should leave a room for the client’s mind to wander and arise the new feeling of awakening. The discomfort means we are on the edge of starting something really new.

Just like the saying goes, “It’s better to fix the roof while the sun is shining”, it would be advisable to go prepared with a bunch of questions to avoid the awkward silence in therapy and have clear communication. Few tips for preparing are:

  • Know what do you want? Have a deeper look inside yourself and try to find out what you really expect from this? Brainstorming is the best way to find out new goals.

  • Analyze your feeling. It may sound weird but you need to know what emotions you have experienced in the past week with regards to everything, work, personal life, and others.

  • What is holding you back is the apparent question that would arise while going through the process. The fear of being judged, shame or any other thing that is bothering you should be known to you. The mountains that once looked difficult to cross may become a molehill soon. 

  • Which things you do not want to disclose to the therapist? Many times we majorly focus on things that we are not going to share and this is an exploration in itself. During that, we may get an answer to our own questions which can thus be helpful.

  • How do you feel for the therapist? Obviously, you are approaching a therapist after proper research. If you find that the therapist doesn’t have enough empathy let it go. It may happen that you ponder upon a question, why is therapy so awkward? If you have found the therapy magical, it surely will work for you. 

  • Being silent and not knowing what to talk! Silence is also therapy in itself. It can be exactly what you need for that particular period of time irrespective of the situation going outside. 

  • Which direction are you going? Analyze what if nothing changes? Where will you see yourself in the next five years? What all is missing from the life that is holding your path to happiness? If something is dragging you back, list it down. 

Sometimes it happens that it’s our silences that speak volumes. Do not worry, you will never be judged while visiting a therapist. They are there to help you, talk to you and know you inside out. You can always reach out to the best psychotherapy in Toronto for a better healing process.

Friday, May 10, 2019

5 Ingenious Ways to Eliminate Anger and Stress

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Anger is the root cause of stress. It can be extremely destructive if you do not know how to control it. Frequent or misplaced anger can cause great harm to your reputation. It can even cause friction in the relationships and permanently damage them. You miss out on crucial opportunities that you could have grabbed if you were in the correct frame of mind. It can even cause a lot of harm to your health.

So, what is the best way to manage anger and stress level? Take the help of a professional psychotherapist in Toronto and keep your soul calm and peaceful. With a little direction you can control the anger and stress level which can be the root cause for negativity in your life.

In the following sections of this article, we have mentioned certain techniques that will help you with this endeavor. We promise after reading this content piece you will definitely be able to overcome your problem of anger and stress within a short period of time.

So, without any further delay let’s get started by looking at the different ways to eliminate anger and stress.

Recognize that you have a problem and deal with it

If you are finding it difficult to manage your emotions especially anger the very first thing that you can do is to be honest with yourself and acknowledge the fact that you have a problem. Once you have confronted this honestly it will become easier to find a solution for it.

Keep a track of your hostile behavior

If you are able to keep a track of what causes you anger it can help you to recognize your weak points. This can be done by using a hostility log worksheet wherein you can enter the triggers and frequency of your anger. If you know what causes you to become angry, it is possible to channelize it to another facet of your life with a little effort.

Take the help of your support network to come out of this negative behavior

Let people who are close to you know about the changes you are ready to make to overcome the anger and stress level in your life. It should be a give-and-take relationship wherein you spend quality time with them. This way you can alleviate the stress level and it even helps in controlling your anger.

Use corrective behavior to reinforce your control over anger

If you feel angry, the best thing to do is to yell “Stop!” loudly in your thoughts. This may interrupt your anger cycle. Try physical relaxation techniques like centering or deep breathing. Count up to 20 before responding to someone. Use positive thinking and imagination power to overcome negativity. Distract yourself from anger by diverting your mind by playing your favorite song, taking a walk, daydreaming about your hobby or visiting your favorite website.

Use empathy as a source to eliminate anger and stress from your life

If another person is making you angry, the way to eliminate this situation is by practicing empathy. See the situation from his perspective. This way you will recognize that it is human to make mistakes. But at least give them a chance to improve on their mistakes. This is the least you can do on humanitarian grounds.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

4 Amazing Ways to Find Best Therapist in Toronto

We care about our bodies by going to the gym and working out but when it comes to our inner selves, our relationships, or dealing with anxiety or depression are we doing something? This is a pretty hard decision to take, especially when you are already stressed out. We do not want you to take on more stress to find out the best therapist in Toronto. Hence, in the following sections of this write-up, we have provided some amazing ways to find one to meet your spiritual needs.

So, without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Get help from a professional that you already deal with and trust

It can be your accountant, doctor, dentist, physician - or just about anyone who has a good relationship with you. Ensure that the person you shortlist can be trusted for keeping this a secret. Never ever go in deep with your problem just ask for a favor and note down the answer. Short and simple!

Ask your family or friends to help you recommend one best for your psychological needs

Usually, your family or close friends are the first one to recognize the fact that you need a medical help. Make sure that they are supportive while you are asking for help.

Find the best resource from the internet

There are loads of information that is available on Google. Trust that it can help you resolve your concern. While zeroing in on a therapist ensure to check their professional qualifications, their proficiency, and the duration from which they have been performing this practice. Also check whether they have mentioned their contact details, office location, office hours, and whether they accept your insurance or not.

Contact a renowned therapist and ask them for a reference

It is a practice amongst therapists to recommend each other all the time. Use it in the best possible manner. They will definitely understand the fact that you do not want to see them. Irrespective of the reason. For example, if your sister is visiting a therapist and you are not comfortable sharing your thoughts with him/her the best resort is to get some good recommendations from them of a good, qualified Toronto Psychologist.